Thank You!

Here’s an uncharacteristically short and simple post for you! When I launched this blog, I realized that many people would be reluctant to post comments on the site – which is completely understandable when you consider its somewhat sensitive subject matter. So it’s surprising (and rather nice) to see more and more comments trickling in.

I welcome the input and feedback. After all, as a blogger, one is casting a really wide net into cyberspace without knowing who’s really out there. As a seasoned broadcaster I’ve come to ‘know my audience’ well, but as a newbie blogger I’m sort of flying blind.

It would appear that there is steady (human) traffic to the site (surprisingly, from all over the world) and I’m privy to the search words and phrases that have brought visitors here – but I’m more interested in learning about which articles resonate with people and why.

And so this post serves as a thank you to those of you who have taken the trouble to share your ideas and opinions in such a public forum.

They’re not expected, but they’re most certainly welcomed!

Author: Imraan Vagar

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