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This past week I was reminded of something. When I started this blog, I was hoping to engage visitors in a conversation. Open up a dialogue, if you will. To not only spread my message, but also exchange thoughts and ideas with other (presumably similarly-minded) individuals. But I also fully expected that visitors to this blog might shy away from posting comments owing to the blog’s subject matter.

But lately I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number (and nature) of the comments left by followers of this blog. I thank you for taking the trouble to read the articles and sharing your remarks and your own experiences.

If I haven’t responded, it’s only been due to time constraints. That said, I promise to make more of an effort to respond to the comments that invite discussion – and I thank you once again for the feedback.

Let’s keep the conversation flowing…


Imraan Vagar

Author: Imraan Vagar

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    i have a comment! 😉
    ended up here searching for something else, but yeah i think its important to interact with your readers.
    p.s. your design is neat and clean but you could do with more pictures and stuff
    just saying

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