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You’ve heard of “Throwback Thursdays” yes? Well, because my Thursdays are usually taxed with show edits/packages, I’ve introduced “Flashback Fridays” to my blog’s recently created facebook page . Every Friday I will endeavour to share an old photo (preferably a personal and candid one that has not been published before) along with a little anecdote related to the picture.

Imraan Vagar Old Delhi 2004

Imraan Vagar Old Delhi 2004

This terribly grainy photograph was hurriedly snapped (without my knowledge) by my colleague and co-producer, Mark Corlett, while we were filming in the streets of Old Delhi in 2004. I had been up since 3am that morning (to catch the best morning light) and had literally been on my feet for most of the day – sampling Old Delhi’s culinary offerings from every vendor and restaurant imaginable!

The picture was taken at about 10pm that same day. I had popped into a sweetmeat shop for a short respite from Delhi’s confronting, teaming streets and sidewalks while my crew filmed cutaways. My feet were killing me. My contact lenses felt like they might have fused to my eyeballs were it not for the layer of dust, pollution, spices and cooking fat trapped in between. I was exhausted! I wanted to go home, take a long, hot shower and climb into my own bed – and not wake up for 2 days. My expression in this unposed snap says it all.

This was one of my last trips to India for my work…

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