About Time

It’s a funny thing, time. Used to be that I had tons of it. It would even drag on some days. I used to wish it away during dark chapters of my life. Somebody once told me you should never wish away time.

I understand now.

I simply can’t get enough of it!

When something starts to seem as if it’s in short supply, it suddenly becomes very valuable. You want to treasure it. Clutch it to your chest and hold it there. But you can’t do that with time. It just slips through your fingers when you try. You can’t save it up or stockpile it. There’s no pause or rewind button. It fleets. It “marches on”, as they say.

But these days I’m mystified by how quickly it marches on.

What is that about?

Did the clock speed up?

Or did my perception warp?

Some would argue that I’m not ‘managing’ mine correctly. Perhaps. But I don’t think so.

I think it’s because my days are blessedly full. But not full for the sake of being full. I don’t cram the unnecessary into my life. It’s a qualitative experience. I fully and wholeheartedly participate in every aspect of my life. Hyper-present. Living in every moment. I don’t just exist, I’m alive!

Every moment that you’re not present is past.

After bungling about like an idiot for many years, I’ve finally realized what’s really important to me…

Love. Positive, meaningful relationships. Beauty. Nature. Nutritious food (that I’ve participated in the preparation of). Music. Mind stretching. Artistic expression. Celebrating my body through exercise and movement. Passion. Doing work that I believe in (it can be soul-destroying doing something you don’t love or believe in). And the sense that I’m an active and contributing member of something much larger than myself.

But here’s the rub…


I wish I could live distinct, parallel lives – each devoted entirely to the celebration and profound appreciation of every one of these fundamental beliefs. More time to savour. More time to revel. More time please. My appetite is insatiable. This isn’t greed. It isn’t hunger either. This is relish!

Why am I telling you all this?

This post began as both an apology and an expression of gratitude. Firstly, I’m grateful that you have visited this blog and hope that you’ve been able to extract something useful from it. Secondly, I apologize for not being a more prolific poster.

You can blame it on time well spent and spent well.

About time.


Imraan Vagar

Author: Imraan Vagar

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    Hi Imraan,
    As always your fine writing skills is very distinctive and captivating. Personally, I would describe it, as tastefully charming, with refreshing truths behind it.

    I’ve only recently learnt to never wish time away. Before this, and like you (sometimes), I also used to wish time would fly past, for so many reasons. For me, I have recently began satisfying my overly active mind and body by celebrating my days with family (mostly over my Blackberry because they in KZN – But that’s okay), love, friends (heart them), GREAT MUSIC, gym {gymnastics:)}, improving my presence and presenting skills (the most alive I have felt in ages; It’s my new found love) and cooking (yes! I cook often now, only healthy of course – This occured after the passion I saw exuded by a certain role model to all South Africans)

    Please keep the blogs coming. As mentioned, they’re refreshingly pleasant.

    Mayuur Harridave…

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    A good friend of mine, Dries Fourie, once said ” you can waste my money, but don’t waste my time, because money I can make again but time I can’t.” Words that stay with me when I get anxious about my time been wasted.

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