Imraan Vagar

Imraan Vagar

Hello and welcome to my blog. My name is Imraan Vagar. As the host and creative director of a weekly magazine show on South African television, I am perhaps best known for my career in broadcasting. There’s a bit of the broadcaster in all of us I think…

Nowhere is this more evidenced than on the World Wide Web. Once primarily a platform for data, the internet has evolved into a social realm, teeming with millions of tweets, posts and comments – each one, it would seem, motivated by our need to broadcast ourselves (and our uniqueness) to the world. I must confess that I am a somewhat reluctant inductee to the ever burgeoning blogosphere. Although I find the internet to be an invaluable tool and resource, I certainly don’t have the time to maintain a parallel online presence. I’m also an intensely private and somewhat reclusive spirit (which, I realise, must make a career in television seem incongruous and ironic) and it’s these and other concerns that have led to me to question the wisdom of launching this blog…

But, I have a message. And what good is a message if it doesn’t reach people? And so here I am, availing myself of this technological marvel that is the internet, which – along with the apparent value that people seem to bestow upon what media personalities like myself have to say – I plan to utilise to spread my message.

“The unexamined life is not worth living”~Socrates

As a keen observer of the human condition, I have dedicated my life to its examination and analysis – and I’m hoping that some of my thoughts and contemplations might resonate with you and your own life experience – and perhaps even inspire you to take pause and reflect on your own personal journey; to consider your contribution to your world and perhaps even inhabit your life a little more fully. I hasten to add at this point that I’m not a qualified therapist or expert. Nor am I in the habit of offering unsolicited advice. I don’t claim to have all the proverbial ‘answers’ (frankly, I’m wary of those who do) – I suppose all that qualifies me to write this blog is my willingness and (I’d like to think) knack for asking good questions – of myself and of my fellow human being.

If what I have to impart positively enriches just a handful of people’s lives in the slightest way, I will consider this endeavour to have been worthwhile.

This is me broadcasting. I hope you’ll tune in to my frequency.



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    I’ve gone from mild infatuation to full on crush! You are an inspiration Imraan!

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    I love this pic of you! Very sexy! On TV you look so polished and proper.. this actually makes you look more approachable (and kinda badass). And that stubble! An autographed copy please? To Justine, with love…

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    Hi Imraan, I’m a huge fan! I followed your career since before you got into TV. I came here expecting something completely different and was surprised (in a good way). No self promoting, merchandising, fancy airs and graces. You just being yourself. It’s refreshing! Makes me even more curious about what really makes you tick. I’m definitely tuning in!

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    Bookmarked and definitely tuned in.

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    You should do a talk show!

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    Found your blog by accident. Couldn’t stop reading!

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    unusual themes for a blog..i like

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    Life has meaning only if one barters it day by day for something other than itself. ~Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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    Superb blog!! 😉 😉

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    Love it! Beautiful story and images! Great job!

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    Love it, thank you for your insights.

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    Hi Imraan. You are truly and inspiring person and growing up I’ve watched you all the time on Eastern Mosaic and thoroughly enjoyed your on screen presence. I am an aspiring presenter myself and somehow I let the dream slip out of my hands years ago when I had the chance to pursue it but circumstances in my life didn’t allow me too. I have been through so much of hardships which I like to call experience and today I want to try and follow my passion once again. I am 33 but I don’t believe that should restrict me from becoming someone great and to whom I can be proud off. I really would like for you to please just assist me in making my dreams come true. I am a dedicated soul and a hard worker with a beautiful heart. Please just help me by allowing me an opportunity to become a great presenter like yourself. I believe we are on this earth to help one another and I know that you are a person who believes in uplifting the next person.
    If it is possible to be apart of your productions in any way I would be forever indebted to you.

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    • Imraan Vagar

      Hi Marsha, do you have a showreel?

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